Liner Long Taper Straight 0.30. 7 needles

$ 15.25
7 pins
  • 0.30
  • Polished
  • Long Taper
  • Straight

Other groupings


  • Cartridges for Neo traditional lines
  • Medium-thick needles with long taper
  • Needles position stabiliser
  • Ergonomically shaped grip
  • Liner cartridge needles size guide
  • 10 cartridges in a pack


7 non-tightened needles for fast lines, for tattoo artists with a steady hand, for whom speed with maximum saturation of the stripes is important.

Needle set 3, 7, 14 is popular in Neo Traditional, because of its fast speed and excellent line crispness with a good difference in the width of the stripes.