Cartel cartridge view #1


The slim shape of the tips allows easy access to the area where the needles penetrate the skin. A good view of the tattoo area increases the manoeuvrability of the tattoo machine.

The unique tip contour allows continuous control of the area where the needles enter the skin at any inclination of the machine, making it easier to access tattoos in hard-to-reach areas of the body.

The ergonomic cartridge adds a tactile response effect, allowing the tattoo artist to more naturally "feel" the skin being tattooed with the tips of the needles.

Cartel cartridge view #2


An important prerequisite for getting clean shades in your skin is to change the ink in the cartridge quickly and completely. To do this, the needles are rinsed by dipping the tip deeply into a container of water on the workbench.

The open tip shape and enlarged window allows quick rinsing of the needles from the paint and easy disposal of the remaining liquid in the cartridge by touching the "open" area of the tip with a dry wipe.

Cartel cartridge view #3


A special chamfer has been made at the edge of the tip to form a drop of the required volume for specific needle groups. This enables the needles to instantly transfer the pigment the first time they touch the skin. The chamfer keeps the droplet in surface tension on the needles ensuring an even flow of paint when creating long lines or continuous shading.

An individual internal tip diameter has been designed for each needle group. This improves needle impact accuracy while maintaining optimum space in the tip channel for even ink flow.

Cartel cartridge view #4


The square shaped pusher bar stabilises the accuracy of the needle impact and ensures quiet operation of the mechanism. In the CARTEL cartridge design, the pusher is located in an extended guide tunnel, which maintains uniform needle stroke at all needle lengths.

The stable operation of the mechanism allows precise contouring while moving the needles quickly over the skin. The smooth stroke of the pusher makes it possible to draw perfectly straight lines.


The counterweight distributes the load evenly in the contour needle cartridge mechanism, ensuring accurate needle tip positioning. The aerodynamic shape of the counterweight, reduces air oscillations in the ink chamber, allowing the flow of ink to coat the needles more evenly.

The balanced cartridge mechanism is tuned for a light, resilient stroke with quick response, allowing the needles to penetrate the skin flawlessly.

Cartel cartridge view #5


Grooves improve the flow of ink drawn in by the needles. The even spreading of ink across the needles ensures easy work with thicker inks.

Uniform ink flow allows less effort to be applied to create dense ink, increasing pigment density in the skin, improving the consistency of ink and the saturation of shades in healed tattoos.

Special grooves on the inner plane of the ink cartridge bring more pigmented paint to the "working" edge of the tip and the ends of the needles.

Cartel cartridge view #6


CARTEL cartridges have a flat base. The cartridges lying on the table will remain stable on the plane when moving, this will help prevent the cartridge from unwanted dropping to the floor.

The flat base allows the cartridge to be held securely even on a tilting table top.

Cartel cartridge view #7


Many tattoo artists squeeze the holder firmly with their fingers as they work, this helps them to better control the movements of the machine. As the index and middle fingers often rest on the cartridge and where it attaches to the holder of the machine, the CARTEL cartridges have an ergonomically shaped softening nozzle on the housing.

The special shape of the design on the silicone surface follows the curves of the fingertips, providing a comfortable grip on the tattoo machine. This significantly reduces finger fatigue and hand strain.

The damping relief on the surface of the nozzle softens the pressure of the index finger when it is pressed. The ergonomic shape of the nozzle allows the tattoo artist to exert less effort to hold the tattoo machine in his hand. Creating a "responsive tool" effect, the CARTEL cartridge machine feels like an extension of the hand.

CARTEL - comfort and precision!

Patent Pending Status

Cartel cartridges have a unique design and feature groundbreaking technology. Patent applications have been filed in most countries of the world.