CARTEL Cartridge

Surgical grade
316L Stainless Steel
  • We have made a comfortable tool that is a pleasure to work with!
  • Appreciate the slim shape of the cartridges, guiding the needles precisely into the target.
  • Create flawlessly straight lines with ink cartridges - now it's easy!
  • Enjoy the perfect sharpening of high-quality CARTEL needles!
Open tip shape and grooves for dense ink flow
Robust grip prevents slipping
Stability on the work table
The virtue cartridges for professionals. We have made the tool you are already familiar with well thought out to the finest detail!
The optimum flow capacity of the channels in the nibs, allows precise ink flow to the tips of the needles. The special tip shape distributes the ink evenly over the needles.
Balanced push rod and preloaded needles
Sleek shape for a perfect view
Wear-resistant materials for continuous operation
Elastic protective membrane
Colour indication of needle diameter
Our needles have a parametric tip dome. When we design our needles, we control their sharpening radii by every tenth of a millimetre. In CARTEL cartridges, group and needle configurations are carefully designed for specific purposes. We have ensured that the needles penetrate the skin with less trauma, filling the tattoo with as much pigment as possible!
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